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“I have had the pleasure of working with Astro Sign Company for more than 12 years. I say “working with” due to the relationship that has been developed over the years of not so much customer/client but more of a partnership for success.”

- David S. Sullivan
  Supervisor of Special Projects
  Monroe Township Public Schools

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Main Office / Production Facility:
230 East High Street
Glassboro, NJ 08028
Ph: 856-881-4300
Fax: 856-881-2399

Business Development Office:
18 N. Main Street, Suite 2
Woodstown, NJ 08098
Ph: 609-617-0972


Astro Outdoor Advertising can provide a fully integrated marketing program of great depth, and scope. The many sizes and shapes along with the places ads can go reach consumers as they travel through their day across much of South Jersey. Astro connects with people during the morning commute. Your outdoor ad with Astro Sign Company also reaches them as they travel home in the evening.

In 2008, advertisers spent almost 7 billion dollars on outdoor advertising.
Listed are some benefits to outdoor advertising with Astro…

  1. Delivers a timely message, which is targeted to active consumers who are prepared to buy. 
  2. Saves money by minimizing the wasted exposures that reach non-prospects.
  3. Opportunities to sell products or services to all consumers is not limited as it is with other media.
  4. Messages will increase consumer traffic and facilitate impulse-buying of your featured products or service.