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“I have had the pleasure of working with Astro Sign Company for more than 12 years. I say “working with” due to the relationship that has been developed over the years of not so much customer/client but more of a partnership for success.”

- David S. Sullivan
  Supervisor of Special Projects
  Monroe Township Public Schools

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Flags & Flagpoles

flagsWe offer American Flags made in the USA only. We also offer low cost printed flags in lightweight polyester and durable super knit polyester. Astro provides custom corporate, state, and US flags in large range of sizes. The list includes indoor and outdoor kits, stick flags, banners, nylon, cotton and polyester flags, printed flags, sewn flags, poles and more! Astro can provide and install flagpoles for both residential and corporate use. From an 8 foot message flagpole to giant, attention demanding flagpoles, let us be your source for flagpoles, flags and maintenance. Call for more information.

Basic flag info: If you do not have a standard flagpole, you'll have to find an alternative method of hanging your U.S. flag. If you hang the U.S. flag banner-style over a street, make sure the top of the flag faces north on a street running east to west, or east on a street running south to north. When hanging the flag from a horizontal or diagonal pole off the side of a building, make sure the flag is at the top of the pole. If you display the U.S. flag during a public speech, the flag should be to the speaker's right and in the foreground. If you hang a U.S. flag in your window, make sure the blue field of the flag is in the upper left corner (as seen from outside). Never let your flag touch the ground.

Other flag info: If you fly a U.S. flag with an international flag beside it, be sure the flags are on separate flagpoles and one flag is not above the other. When you fly the U.S. flag with a state flag, put them on the same flagpole with the U.S. flag flying at the peak and the state flag below. If you display the flag on a wall crossed with another flag, ensure the U.S. flag is on the viewer's left and crossing in front. When marching the U.S. flag in a parade with other flags, it should be in the front and center of a group of flags or on the right side if it's only marching with one other flag.

Half Staff info: Guidelines from the Department of Veterans Affairs state you should fly your U.S. flag at half-staff during times of national mourning and after the death of an elected official. For example, fly your flag at half-staff for 30 days after the death of a former or current U.S. president, or 10 days for a former or current vice president. In some instances flags will be flown at half-staff only in certain states or cities. For example, the death of a senator only requires flags on federal or military structures in Washington, D.C., to fly flags at half-staff, and governors' deaths only impact the state they governed. Additionally, the U.S. president can order flags at half-staff to mark the death of an important figure or a national tragedy such as a terrorist attack.

The United States Code,Title 4 Chapter 1, Section 8, says "The flag, when it is in such condition that it is no longer a fitting emblem for display, should be destroyed in a dignified way, preferably by burning." Keep in mind that it says "in a dignified way." So this is not flag burning in a political activist kind of way.

  1. If you feel uncomfortable or do not have an easy way to burn a flag, you can give the flag to a veteran's organization. Contact your local American Legion Post. Most of them collect old flags and have a yearly, ceremonious flag burning.
  2. If you are replacing your old flag, buy the new flag at Astro rather than a department store. Astro will take your old flag and properly dispose of it for you.