Astro can provide and install backlit sign options that will ensure you can be seen day or night. The options with backlit signs are endless and there are different styles varying from channel letters, illuminated light boxes, and push-through acrylic signs.

Halo Lit Channel Letters- Pin mounted aluminum letters allow for your exact fonts and logos to be created and have a glow around them at night. The LED illuminated backs and the front of the letters can be made in a variety of different colors. This modern form of signage will definitely help you stand out from your competition.

Front Lit Channel Letters- Similar to the halo lit letters, the Front lit channel letters will glow bright in the night and stand out to potential customers. Astro can produce these letters using your logo and fonts to create brand recognition and consistency. The channel letters are affordable and will improve the first impression you give your customers.

Lightbox Signs- Astro can either create an entire new aluminum light box and install, or just replace the acrylic inserts in your existing cabinet. By using premium translucent vinyl graphics, standard acrylic, or poly-carb faces, you can feel confident you will have a product that looks professional and is durable. Using these products we can create your logo, match fonts and colors to produce a design that you will love and will help pull in customers.

Push-through Acrylic- Like the Harrison House picture below, this sign style gives you the best of a panel sign display and an illuminated product. During the day, your sign will stand out with a custom, modern look. At night, the LED lighted display will shine bright and in colors of your choosing. Any font or logo can be used and the options are endless. Push through Acrylic signs can be installed on a wall, monument, or on steel posts. This attention demanding sign will be sure to impress at all hours of the day.

Installation options include:

  • Wall/ Building Mount
  • Stone/ Brick Pillars or Walls
  • Synthetic Monuments
  • Fabricated Steel/ Aluminum Structures

Backlit signs are important for businesses in any industry that needs to cater to a crowd at night like restaurants, bars, etc. Allow Astro to help give your business a modern and professional look that can be seen 24/7.