A sign is your businesses first impression, and a carved sign display will ensure it is a positive and lasting one. Carved sign displays offer the perfect amount of class and professionalism you wish to display. The high-density urethane panels are carved to a v-groove or flat back to match copy, fonts, shapes and outlines. To finish the sign, exterior grade oil based enamels and cut vinyl graphics are used to create bold, crisp edges and colors. An additional level of glass that can be added to your carved display is gold leaf to step-up your sign to another level. These displays have a long and strong durability and will be worth every penny. In addition to fabricating and installing new carved displays, Astro can refurbish your existing display and bring new life to your existing sign. Through sanding, repainting and applying graphics, Astro can bring the old back to life. Color combinations, finishing techniques and installation all prove the level of our craftsmanship and are sure to impress your clients and potential customers.

The installation options are endless and include:

  • PVC post and Stringers
  • Custom Decorative Post
  • Wall/ Building Mounted
  • Stone/ Brick Columns
  • Synthetic Monuments